when Muslims must wear
crescent moon and star
will I wear one, too?


2 thoughts on “944

  1. Deep. Depends on the brand, I believe. Recall, if you will, pre-El Cid (Rodrigo something or other?) Spain when Jews, Christians and Moors of Islam brought about an early enlightenment to much of the land and there was mostly peace…except for a quibble or seventeen hundred. And, yes, it seems the moderates of Muslim persuasion – even many of those here – would be happy and joyed over with an end to Jihad – which would be defined as having converted (by love or by blade) the world entire. Kinda like Communist’s Peace. Pax, brother!

  2. I did not read the categories, etc., and saw the star’s symbolism. Since both parties – at least Arabs and Jews – are a semitic-speaking people I can conjure reasons for their disputes – much like Irish Catholics and Irish Protestants and Vietnamese from Hanoi and Vietnamese from DaNang, and it ain’t politics or religion: it’s about the money, honey! You see, I saw a crescent moon with a star above and simply assumed. Well, me and that donkey are familiars to each other, though burro knows not the feel nor smell of my poop. Thanks for the second-reading. You go play in the editorial bin, buddy. I shall check back in briefly tomorrow…will be out on a Gopherus Polyphemus location/relocation project over the wintry weekend…and since it will be too cold for a that-day release, I shall have many houseguests (because the garage is unheated and they are going to be my charges…thus the incense gets forest-fired through Monday at the least. Later.

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