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  1. On seventeenth thought: the entire canon? How far back? Does this place even have a search function? For my comments? And that is but one year? For my sins, yes. I shall go read. But now I must upload the weekend’s second notebook of stuff and stifle my unstiff hands and begin my dragon-quest…and no mail of beaten chain. I shall moan and gnash and fret and founder. Why couldn’t have sharpened my skill at cad instead of slapping keystrokes? Oh, woe. Go: J, just go! In the immortal words of mortal Larry (t.c.g), just gitterdun!

  2. I have difficulty being objective about my own stuff. I want to have a short selection I can self publish as pdf and/or as chapbook. And I want you to do the choosing. Entitled something like “The Jay Bird’s Dozen”…

  3. In that case, the two emails I sent to BBJ at gmail will need extensive winnowing and I am but in the 780s with about 35 selected toppers and probably double that number as hon. mentions (with appropriate signature indicating a promotion….will be back Saturday and dive back in..The question marks included in six or so the recommended listing … I have no idea what I meant by them…and, good task master, I will winnow but I beg only you entreat others to pick also and perhaps a still other whose impeccability goes way beyond what I may offer for a final choice – thyself comes readily to typer-finger.

  4. And do I now broach the 6-hundreds…my word, such a scribbler! 717R*** 703, 02 and 738 and 768.1 among the recc’s. See yo Saturday

  5. I shall chew more Saturday, but what the fingers want to know is do you wish me to continue sending such suggestions on gmail at bbj? Seems easy, but then I have to go back and re-winnow, or will my first pass give you enough?

  6. Am sending those up through 600 and will begin the much-more parsimonious gathering of Sheaves Tuesday (and perhaps a final pass-through on the firstset through the week. And now you want a short paragraph. We both are short (is that close enough). “I first met Bruce Jewett November of 1968 on Oahu as U.S. Marine journalists. We took my then-new BSF tapedek/turntable/AM-FM to vinyl with the 1812 Overture and he taught me how to listen – both excellent smallbox speakers about a foot from each ear. Then he wiped the floor with me in chess and taught me the venerable 5-7-5. A Boon companion; a terrible body-surfer; an exceptional writer of all things non-military; decent photographer (whose cameras eventually turned him masterful. We lost touch for more than 40 years. He’s better at all but body surfing.”

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