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    His wind will be ours soon enough. I go soon to rake for the compost pile and to fill the newly emptied and cleaned containers soon to see o’erwinter plantings. I love the image of crinkly footballs along the street. Reminds: I have oaken windfall in need of a nice still day’s burn – roast-smoke something good – but mostly for the potash afterfire yield.

  2. Such a delightful image…does the wind blow yon leaves uphill or down? Do they play leap-leaf along the do-not-pass center lines? Must make the movie, Bruce. A multi-media a-bud?

  3. They do the Melbourne Shuffle. Would love to experiment with multi media but believe it or don’t I get preoccupied with survival, with or without the species. Besides I take my haiku/senryu straight off the parchment or the online screen.

  4. Vastly overrated, survival is. Reason I packed in so many calories in earlier epochs. Of course I climb not the rarefied air of your viewing pebble and hereabouts no ears pop upon ascending Mount Dora or Montverde. How do you get the rams to stand still for the hiding? Or are you a somnambulistic goat-skinner. Current quandary: how best to finish – murdering oak eggs/ along my Sanford sidewalk/ (they crunch pleasingly)? or something a bit less gruesome? Currently stealing Notes of my FB count-Dracula for later reuse here…is it possible to acquire off cd onto WP? Teach me, Master! Before some ugly old crow claims my grasshopper hide!

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