4 thoughts on “922

  1. left my comment in “search” box…hope it hurteth not. Not to fret Bruce: that hair would embitter bitter/ And, besides, my side gets to spend time on the glass slide under the microscope for a change. Fie on cars going geese in the night!

  2. For Shame! You gotta get more global, buddy. Personally I welcome a few new words this day past your 241st “birthday.” For an old man you sure are word-spry! Be well. I worry more about what happens when the so-called professional anarchists in Portland piss police off enough to earn some head-n-shoulders wood and thus encourage our educated youth to rally stronger. ‘Stead, why not go live a pristine life, get a job in government or NGO service and begin the long arduous climb to the lofts of power so you can then dictate to people your own age now but from a further remove? But that’s just my 20/20 hindmost sight (after I wipe and flush of course).

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