3 thoughts on “920

  1. And you must schedule sleep to fit a program? When the fit hits, I sleep. I do like the return to normalcy…getting up an hour before sunrise is in itself refreshing somehow. Circadian rhythms? I who must borrow my tunes and carry no notes, neither blues nor rhythm-n, have brought back professional sleeping to high art. Sleep between the aircraft grade aluminum “stringers” under tens of thousands of gallons of JP-4 held inside a KC-35 tanker from Danang to Kadena with but a parachute pack for a pillow, did not notice the new ventilation in my hardback sea-hut an An Hoa when an army 175mm tube ‘plodded and sent pieces thither and yon and it was but 350 yards away. I surely shall stroll ceaseless this earth after death until I get dropped into some unoffending newt’s pool of new jeans unless I get sufficient shut-eye now. Pardon the yawn!

  2. Them Ruskies almost as bad – and ungrateful except when they wanting something else – or more of same – as Siamese seal points. Lucky to be owned by a strong-willed cat, you are!

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