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  1. the same inner ear as always…but you could win the race – read the plaint perhaps differently, juice: the universe always listens but often you have to search for the replies. but I have been delusional most if not all of my life…I keep several ‘verses tucked inside and when they’re not laughing at my feeble attempts to climb trees by moonlight they sometimes scold me into quiet breaths and more work from the one (still better than average but since the b-40 visitation lo those many years ago even that side feigns deaf at times. What a wonderful question, Bruce.

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    Thought I had “pressed this,” but apparently not: a masterful dealing with a delicate subject…and, like the clyde I sometimes dale, I left a less-light-touch in my response. Still feel the same, though I wanted to make sure I got this “out there” and will flung up on The Book of Faces, etc., as well. Thanks, Juice, the peek into another soul both searing and special and unsurprisingly warm coming from you.

  3. Better to take chances with a b40 than a b52. All in all, you are very fortunate. But give me some comfort and swear on a case of Primo Warrior that you won’t be ascending trees in neither darkness or lightness. The Buddha is very big on cause and effect.

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