crows in the belfry
cubs in the Series
last days are nigh


2 thoughts on “913

  1. love the Punctuation. last days were a week ago…you missed the bus – again! them damn injuns gonna get marched-upon like its football and Washington dc? them ‘Noles got Florida branch of tribe’s permission and though the appaloosa may be a bit iffy, the garb is oh-so-correct. Loved the crows playing belfry, though. My crows are getting their winter roosts ready and I move a birdbath under the big century live oak that spreads its wings to reach the azaleas 100 feet away…almost as good as a banyan by K-Bay upon which to gambol and hide.

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    Juice (Bruce Clay Jewett) continues to surprise…stalwart By-The-Bay boy likes beisbol? And isn’t in mourning? But he irons not the seeing of injuns mauling baby bears uplake, nor of the brouhaha because the Nativists AmeriKanists Komplain over expropriation whilst at home the Seminole Tribe of Florida sanctins Them ‘Noles, who correctly garbed, give homage to The Unconquered! The only North American Native tribe in the U.S. not to have signed The Papers.

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