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  1. On a reread: yes, I not always a first-getter: When Did Thomas D. get marshallized? Or did you unspell Dillon? Usually whist dad worshiped at the horse-n-star one-eye, I read until the commercials, then looked up at what the world wanted to sell my moneyless self now.

  2. Yes, yes, I meant James Arness, thanks for catching the misspelling. By the way, are you safe and full of sounds with all sorts of storms your way?

  3. As I soon shall get to…the words of woe and doom delivered by nabobs behind the wrong end of the cameras got it wrong…Again! Never in recorded European history has a hurricane crossed Merritt (or any other local barrier island) and menaced directly the mainland of Central Florida. As I remarked to many – including relatives of shivering fame – once the storm reaches The Gulf Stream most of its power (on the right hand – Atlantic – side) and much of its eye and eyewall will ride over said stream and leave us mostly alone. Except for a sliver – several hundred yards in width to a mile or so inland along the coastline – we got muchly missed. Seven or eight miles eastward where my younger brother lives (he and bride were in NYC ostensibly visiting daughter delivering a paper on medieval times, had gusts of 87 miles per hour and their house was built long after Andrew destroyed Homestead in the Far South of us. I suspect my patch of Sanford got winds to about 65, possibly gusts near hurricane force of 74 mph. No deluvian stuff either but a more modest six or eight inches for the entire weekend. And yes, friend Bruce, I fester nicely, thankeesomuchforasking. I’ll take a scardey-Cane any day over an earth-mover. The damnfools in NawffKakkalaki who drove to their deaths in cars not designed as submersibles plumped up the dead-pool totals but I rather think it more like winnowing The Gene Pool. And you, sir. Has thy weather been everything you want or need? Remember. You have urchins coming after dentist-approved cavity-makers. Musn’t disappoint. Later…in a short screed I mistyped Government with a “Giverment” and liked it a lot, but realized it was only half the game so I typed in “Takerment” too. Worth today’s beer, no?

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    Too bad they never met: my dad would glue his butt to the recliner whilst “Church” was on…wessens, church tat is! And Chester (Dennis Weaver) was his favorite acolyte. I sprawled after eating everything not nailed down – and mom really enjoyed the extra half-hour of sitting before dishes – and read from a (or some) book(s) while awaiting patiently the commercials which I thought were The Entertainment. Dillon and Cartwright: American values painted with phosphors where Kitty was Sister Teresa in full flounce!

  5. Gotta say I was disappointed when I found out Dennis Weaver didn’t walk that way on other TV shows. Kinda thought Festus was really tiresome the few times I looked up from a book…but, then, I didn’t like the morality message not-so-well-couched in Father Knows Nothing, Leave Hits To Buttwipe, or Ozzie Not Newsome, especially the cloying clingy son. Yup. Preferred “How To Serve Man” (Twilight or th’udderun?), Playhouse 90 – and one day I got to watch the 16mm Robert Altman film, a one-man show with the tall thin Carradine (Robert?) called something like “Rattlesnake In A Box {cooler} allegedly for a filmschool final.

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