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  1. Apropos of nothing: before reading third line I thought – hey! he’s stealing my lightning-in-a-Him-A-Cane Matty story! And then the third line put my petard into “hoist-me” mode. Now, Sanford bluesman and friend Steve Falter faces a soon dead sentence and still takes time to chuckle us with many things. He wrote (and I paraphrase): I was having trouble with my ‘puter, so I called the 11-year-old next door and told him what I though was the matter. He said “sounds like an id ten t error to me.” I said: whaaa? He replied…”just write this down in All-Caps I D the number 10 and capital T in close proximity and you can add an exclamation point if you like but it’s not necessary. Make sure they all are in close proximity.” He said he did. I did, too. Yup!

  2. What happened to the notion that village elders were fonts of wisdom ? Now if you want something to work, you ask. 12 year old hanging out at Best Buy.

  3. Unless of course you want to know what a coign is…then you go back to your OED actual book…oops, not a good’un cause it’s online too and the dozenyearolder can get that up iffin someone tells you what it is. Face it, chum we never were villaged nor were we eldered. We hang where last we left our wet selves and no one now folds but just hangs. I mistrust anything called “Best” buy or not. Sure it wasn’t a six-year-old in brother’s garb? My encounters with loitering dozenish sometimes upgenerage into incomprehension. But you always were far more kindly than I. ‘Scuse: the warden said it was time to sweep the guano.

  4. Good point. We are stuck in some drying cycle. Way back when just making it to 30 was enough to be an elder. Now 66 is the new 18. But there is a fitness and glory in being a curmudgeon, wide eyed innocents no more are we. People see my white hair and scurry off to avoid being slashed by my cane. Life is a bitch. Then you die. And then the bitch comes back.

  5. Oh, so well succincted! I likes bitches! Besides when I meet a new bitch I find myself lighter in the pockets and that’s always a good-n-humble thing. So many lessons to learn.

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