acres of headstones
sprouting wires– ruins
of a drive-in movie




One thought on “899

  1. Always been fascinated by cultural icons in varying stages of ruin. Only went twice to a drive in after the obligatory “Old Yeller” and a few others as a kid (with mom-popped corn and hamburgers et al. Beer and free Seagrams the night before AFRTS in Jacksonville en route to PISC pretty much made it a one-of (doncha just hate the way it’s become “One-Off.” Off of what, I ask! The second time, alone, but I made popcorn and grilled some dead cow my way with a couple cold brews to re-see a Basques-in-The-American-West B-Grade movie I missed as a kid because the local sit-down kids Saturday prison did not have that show available, so I saved my money and went to the library instead. My Brothers dutifully went inside and within the hour were seeing the Basques in action…but I had 50 cents and they didn’t. I think there are a couple still extant and possibly one yet in operation somewhere within Florida or perhaps The Southeast.

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