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  1. On so many levels – and I may have to add a small sip of spirits! Any wise one would abandoned a roiled pot in search of sippage elsewhere. I still have one more coffee left on my three-a-year plan and most serendipitously we have three excellent spots downtown – so as not to keep the lines longer. A good Americano for under two bucks, though the old man at RiverWalk (what I call it) has some stunning brews. Still, I prefer mine own green- or black-suntea and best of all my jaimica whose flowers I pick and dry and then rehydrate and mix two-and-one-half gallons to 1 cup of key lime and 1 cup of granulated (or stevia) sugar and then if feeling particularly fond of follow-the-recipe make agua fresca by adding a double-dose of water. Best is to drink the stuff triple-strength and hot!

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