following their devices
hunters stream pass
parks of oleander blooms


4 thoughts on “864

  1. pass or past? pokemon go? Yes. Please, go. Oleander often planted in parkway (interstate, boulevard and expressway) medians and when burned – say, from a carcrash in flames – produce not just noxious but potentiall toxic fumes. Great border plants if you want to encourage youthful or ignorant ingestion, but even better if you want to roast marshmallows on one of their sticks.

  2. After the bombing of Hiroshima, oleanders were the first flowers to come back to the devastated area — concerns were that nothing would grow there ever. Tough little flower!

  3. A beautiful – though like much beauty, holding death in its leathery, feathery fronds and flowers – plant. And when inspected closely the German Cockroach, too, is a delight when studies (especially when one knows it’s – for a time anyway – the only exemplar left in the lab (home or office) there to so study. Did not know of its resilience. Was the same true of Nagasaki? May we never find out about other inhabited (by people) regions! Wonder what our deserts have to say. Bimini is a useful study of resilience and human ignorance and, yes, arrogance. Would I ban those devices? Not on your life! Make wonderful propulsion systems for submersible craft sent to space (see the literature). Also, a ring of thermonuclear rockets pointed outwards from, say, just outside the orbit of Saturn, and again just before the Kuyper(sp?) Belt – along, of course, with pineapple-shaped welcome signposts – would ease my mostly nonexistent fears of fiends not friends coming to call from, you know, Out There! Genies never willingly go back into their bottles. And we humans have corks – some of us. Again. Thanks for the lesson on resurgency and survivability, your masterfulness. I go soonerishly to plant Fall okra – a cousin to hibiscus – and its flowers are fine for eating and its nectar tingles tonsils.

  4. Woops, forgot Chernobyl and that three-mille patch of mud (though some say nothing ignoble was released there. Do people go pilgrimage the basement at UChicago? What about Italy where Ernie first toiled on his magic box? Mayhap all life on this ball is a roach of some kind. Got any pliars handy?

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