6 thoughts on “862

  1. I thought cold was the description for Bay Area Summer. Waiting the October arrival of the geese flapping their low Vees under the scudding grey clouds of pre-Halloween.

  2. Oooh! Call The Corps Man (just a light Barry jab. I’c quick-cut. But I did wrong a monolog that the coldest June ever I fought outside of Osseo, Minnesota was in Hayward, Californication. Damn, man, I never did see a bus with a pot-bellied stove in the middle so as to keep all sides equally miserable, as I was expecting. But I did see a mama Orca knitting a heavy scarf for junior in The Bay.

  3. Oh, PunIsh me! I shall toil mightily (or is that might?) – on a Jku just five you. Thieving from “Oh, Susannah,” poi-hops?
    Spent a Summer’s day/By San Francisco’s cold Bay/dam near froze to death!/

  4. There, your Jayku: though I changed it a touch in richwrapper to give it all three end-rimes…because as we all know the sweetest portion of the cantaloupe is near the rhyme, no?

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