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  1. While apparently we disagree muchly over this – his opponent needs his gaffs to keep attention off her lies and her emails killing people who have helped us – I find you guilty of great petard-holding for the self-hoisting braggadocious (sp? – left spell/syllable cheatbook home) bully. But I do agree in principle that his opponent’s are gleefully engineering a diminished socio-economic-political-military posture here. All I want is to end DOEs (Energy and Education) – hey, is there an haiku in Doe-hunting there? The DonnieBoy really pummeled his penis with the 2nd Amendment slip, but, no, I see only a flapping fool failing to follow his script. He did not say go kill the bitch! Or anything even close: but the libertards saw red meat – meat they would deny the rest of us in a split-steak – and the media geek chorus chants on…This will get gooder and gooder as we broach SepNever and sink into Ocwhimper.

  2. Life would be so boring if we all agreed on everything. I read too much history not to be scared of a Trump presidency. Evan McMullin, the conservative, may be getting my vote. But I am not Hillary phobic. It may be all moot, 2020 being an active year for the Curse of Tecumseh.

  3. Had Tecumseh not left his morally-, mentally- and physically-crippled brother in charge would the great earthquake which had effects felt all the way to the Gulf Coast not happened? Would W.H. Harrison then not had a scuttled canoe as his rallying call? Would my left article of faith not quit trying to escape its cotton confines? Always enjoy your observations. And thanks for the reminder that we live in interesting times and the only change upon which we may count is “increase.” You know, Cotton’s son? Gottal go work on my pressingwords. Later, buddy. Seriously considering the alternatives: had Bernie only delivered me his candidacy, I could have voted for him and then watched the DemoCrucians and RepubliCrats crucify themselves trying to distance themselves from his obviously sane responses to a thoroughly entangled congress. Gads! Would I ever love to see Congress in rigor.

  4. The trouble with mass media is that any nut case can get inspired to do anything. Don’t worry…. I won’t reveal your identity as the Anti Christ to Fox News

  5. What? I’m old? Or I’m a Chinese proverb? Please, Bruce, please; not that: “unverb me, Prov!” Everywhere I look I see proverbs. I wanna be unique! I wanna be an Inuit Proverb!

  6. Damn! All those years learning to miss Mass, and now you tell me you’re shopping me to Fox(bat) Nudes? The local foxification TeeBee amd Radidio are loaded with inarticulate, ungrammatical morons who follow the mainstream cant whilst their uppers sip Chablis with consummate conservatives – in dress mostly, but I digress and will do some more: have you ever seen Mitch McConnell or Paul Whasshisnam inthat sack cloth thingee they call dresses? Why, I’d just die – die! I tells ya! Oh, the shame of it all. Didja know the republicrats gave up the Liberal moniker to the democrucians round the turn of the last century and let the dems label them conservatives? S’true. That’s the party of we wanna party but not get caught, knowwhatimean? Whereas the communists – ooops, progressives – just wann get in some skivvie searching, specially at The B.C. School For Interns.

  7. I rather cotton to the official and approved SCUM proverb right outta the Rikki Recon Book Of Common Prayer: when in terror or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout!

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