the bald eagle
spiraling spiraling
right wing broken


9 thoughts on “845

  1. Ohhh…and I was gonna upbraid Phat Phrog with notion that no raptor flies on one wing, much less spirals. Gotta have both wings for the beating of air. Now, there’s an image: a no-winged carrion- and thief-bird taking off like a rocket and roller-coaster spiraling back down with a cumulus (wouldn’t let me type unredlined Cumulo-Nimbus-dwelling spider in its talons – you may pick which side. I, however, am a big fan of gridlocked birds of any feather…the less they can do for me the less vasoline I seem to need for afterwards. And the kisses and (compound word deleted) always seems to leave splinters. Could stomach only an few hours of either party’s non-party, all noisome and seeming somehow missing brown shirts and broken glass.

  2. Maybe the bird was hit by a Cruz missle…. Country needs to fly with both wings intact to fly…. Yes, I suspect the eagle would plummet to the ground in my scenario but there could be thermals rising to permit a slightly more graceful downfall…

  3. Falldowns may be graceful…if Grace is about and allows. Cruze kinda missed his ile and perhaps petulantly performed no obligato(sp? and me w/o handydandy ref.work) nor even a domo. Really like the take and give of this thread. A Plumet For Grace’s Eagle: subject for fodderizing, no?

  4. The Fodder of his Country…. I’ve worked for Trump types so Cruz’s Last Stand resonates with me…. Times I should’ve spit in the Devils eye… I suspect that Trump thinks he can run a government like a corporation when it’s more like a kabuki gang-bang… Not comfy with his distaste for honoring treaties especially when the Russian bear is licking chops over the Baltic plums… And does Trump’s dealings with Russia have any bearing on said reluctance ….so far the prime entertainment for me has been Cruz’s there’s some shit I will not eat performance and Bill Clinton’s uxrious song and dance… I love to hear him speak, seriously…

  5. When parsed, Cruz’ songofswans was most carefully crafted and well could be taken for a Trump(et) Strumpet at worst or a meaningful plea to get on with the task of shredding Hillidiot before Bill gets on another jet to talk her back into his good chances for more polkadot splatters. I have serious questions why Russia would like to do biddness with DonnieBoy when they most likely have all they need to de-ovary Ms. Rodham with the skeletons she will not want seen. A real poly-tic-ian would, like Retief, first convict the lawyer and thus by confessing in advance, all, and promising to take the requisite tests each week to prove absolutely nothing other than he wants the mega-millions that come with being ex-prex and will thusly keep his hands (or whatever) offen that thang until his wife (or her husband) cants stands no more! And thus we have three too many petards for the necessary hoisting ceremony, so I suggest sneaking into the 4-5 club wid or widdout Roger Rapping Stone and spare us the sight of Alexandra The Great Forty-Eight. Was he really a Mahu? I never did get overly entwined away from my bottle ob beer for some broads tits which I cunna touch anyways! Too bad we ain’t in Kansas and asleep for the next twister to pox both their houses!

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