4 thoughts on “839

  1. Love the sentiment, yet I find comfort in a land unafraid to allow even despicable protest such as that. Besides, we can get great digitizable photos of said firebugs and their fellow campfirettes (sans the obligatory marshmallows, of coursek! What really irks is the seemingly deliberate slap at The National Ensign by wearing in the place of poop-chutery. But even that, I believe is free speech. Just charge more for the patches and donate the overage to the Ft. Sam Houston Army Medical Burn Unit and/or Wounded Warriors or The National Zoo.

  2. gotta get them to put an edit feature on the post comment section as my fingers fly faster than my poor, said and tired synapses…lost, again, a close paren and in its place a lone ‘k’ and probably more besides. Still have that Blue Pen mentality that says is the fingers work, my blue pen can fix it.

  3. So, my arches kayic. I likes them that way. Started out that parade with soft big pencils on yellow AP ticker-accompanied wire copy and learned how to read upside down and backwards as the hot type had yet met newsprint…served well when reading politicos mail, memos and notes from my side of his (those days damn few hers got that high up the muck-ladder) of the desk. Never did attribute the theftee but wrote unnamed source, however, revealed…

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