at twilight
bursts of firecrackers
flags half-mast


2 thoughts on “830

  1. I try to avoid confrontation with gunpowder – evokes nasty taste back-of-mouth where the Cordite receptors most active. Instead, Dvorak’s From The New World 9th, Malbec or Zin with just-made cream-cheese/sour cream/mayonnaise with fresh thyme, shallots and lack pepper piped celery half-pipes, last of the green onions and summer squash and copious clouds – if available. I no longer seem to need munchee starters.A quick quesadilla of duck, queso fresco and sautéed onions and mushrooms (MuchRooms like FlutterBys better descriptive, no?) just-picked herbs welcome to sit in and kibbutz.

  2. I tend to cringingly defer to anyone packing deadly force with them. I’ve had a security entity draw on me. All I could think of is hoping the gentleman had a really good night before.

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