my neighbor’s
birdhouse full of books
front lawn library


2 thoughts on “822

  1. I stash emergency “libraries” all over the house…in case I am caught without the requisite reading material…banana leaf option for The Head not really in play, but I do have bananas. Always with a book to hand. Back pocket and one in camera bag as backup. A person of ill intent comes upon you and impolitely says “gimmee.” You shreek. Toss book high into the air. The thug’s eyes follow: no, do what you will – crotch kick, (throat stomp optional depending on whether you want to run or walk away) and exit or punch in the three-digit “come-gettem” number.

  2. There are people who put spare books in a cache available to the public to borrow from. Some of these folks get complaints from grinches that a permit is required to add another structure to ones home. Long may little free libraries live!

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