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  1. Gratefully, this J-walker wears no buds – drinks the occasional but prefers Anchor Steam and a one-headphone on approach to walking streets (and the much more dangerous sidewalks: no one pays – or rents – any attention to oncoming, merging or overtaking traffic thereabouts! JayWalking Dead, Indeed! Must I share this chuckle? Flung (aside): finding a mono-capable headphone set – and yes, the ear courtesied by volunteer career counselors from Hanoi is the one I leave flapping. The old Bose over-the-ear dinosaur does have a nice noise-cancellation feature, but, then, I’d miss the tinkle of phat phrogs on jalousied windows. Second Thursdays (5-9 p.m. Called Alive After Five Street Fest) we are allowed freestroll approach to bud-drinking, but it is a mite suspicious for me to sip and not chug as the bud-in-cheek constricts free flow.

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