intruder alert!
cats leap to my defense
a buzzing bluebottle


One thought on “811

  1. All Praise The Feline Brigade (of brigands?)! Skeeter used to swat my nose when I stayed over in Sanford during business trips all over Florida. That seal-point Siamese was born on my camouflage poncho-covered bed at home and I brought her mom, Skeeter I, through feline distemper (the clawmarks ran all the way up to my elbow from massaging that horsepill past her sharp teeth, unwilling throat and into her gut) Skeeter II, too, thought of me as just an oversized littermate her mom introduced to me my first night back from Vietnam. Of course she was raised – like her mom – to be a dog and thus demanded I know and acknowledge ever single person walking down the middle of Cedar Avenue after 2 a.m. You, sir, are privileged to have such a horde! I await their further adventures.

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