Trump can now relax
Kim Jong Un’s got his back
Donald’s the man he endorses
To lead America’s armed forces
Who needs more than that?


(Here is the news story)


3 thoughts on “limerick

  1. Nicely turned phrase: was considering a different point – If Trump is so bad/at foreign policy, Hil’,/ yours then Criminal? in honor of just so many things…we get to choose scheiss without ipaper or paper without scheiss…Oh, Joy!

  2. On some issues I’m to the right, some to the left. My bone to pick with the Reps is they put all their efforts in obstructing the Demos on everything. They accomplished nothing in the Obama years. They did not cultivate their own leaders to run for President and have no accomplishments to point to. The Republicans deserve every bit of anguish Trump brings them. I agree with some of what Trump says but he does not know when to shut up. “Misfortune comes from the mouth.”

  3. a pox of houses on both sides toesies most of the time. I, too, find fraught with both traditional sides, though my natural vent of Libertarianism finds filling frowns for its immediate mandatory border-openings, rampant drug and licensing issues – though, there, I have a solution: buy Cuba from the last Castro and send everyone who drugs- and drinks-drives and will not obey sane solutions: do your dope at home, call a cop and they send out a bulletproof-shielded drive car to take you where you would go then pick you up and return the renderings…saves on lawyers, judges, cops, jail cells, etc.(which is why it never will pass), and send everyone on first offense to Cuba until they raise a hand and say “B.F. Skinner my soul” and turn me into a floorsweeper for seven years at JFK, LAX or name your favorite piece of litter-magnet and thus behaviorally modified you begin the march back to responsible citizenship (gads! I typed that!). I especially like Trump’s tweaking of the semi- and fully sacred cows and one old lying and dangerous cow in particular, but I fear him second-of-all…and maybe that’s not such a bad thing…Republicrats, especially the local ones deserve my contempt and my not-punched tickets, for all the TrustMe’s, but I know the other side all too well…there used to be a time (hell! I used to write about the last ethical and honorable Seminole County Commissioner (A Democrat!) who resigned because he found out he had broken a law – on the order of breaking his mother’s back kind of law, more procedurally, really, but since then both sides hereabouts are about how best to secure for themselves the blessings of a bigger-and-bigger budget to supply souls with savings they never knew. A world without failure: communism. Communalism I love. But add a dacha or seven for the politbureau(sp?) and apparatchik (here we call them oligarchs before their faces since too few studied poly-syllibalism in prep school and “entitled” elsebacked. Fortunately, most of the young I see will see the results of their tears when it comes to following what happened to coachwhip makers in Spain what with all that free gold from The New World making the world upsidedown. I really wonder still whether the man is a Hil-plant with a built-in deathgerm in his pick-me/pick-her offerings to a nation with pretentions of media matters…Oh, give me another beer, left hand. I want to pour some on the right hand and see what happens…

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