tea kettle shrills
of silver on china


5 thoughts on “793

  1. Onomatopoea performed perfectly (even if spellnazi says otherwise. I tasted freshly steeped tea reading this as the bells from boiling water build to the whistle. Thanks, Juice!

  2. Ed gets enuff credit: ever since my old- and middle-English reciting senior British Lit teacher in high school slapped me with historian (among other – some much more defamatory- label, long have I yearned to worm that greek concept into some scrit of mine own. Thus, good not-sir but snuffy superior(e!), I say, “nay,” ’tis you!

  3. would I could remember to close parens…but my dad eschewed such devices whilst worrying how to get to the flight deck aboard Hornet some forty years earlier. Saves, though, on skivvy replacement costs.

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