flee the police
in a high-speed chase–
with a driverless car?


3 thoughts on “787

  1. Response to your response: driverless copcars…sans merci and digital detection of additional charges extra. Soon, my friend, we shall start SkyNet without benefit of Sara or Conner or even Harm-Hold.

  2. Soon? That train has left for hell long time ago. At least cops don’t have to beat you up for info…they just need to look at your FB.

  3. ThasssWhy I employ “Confess Before Mirranda(sp?)” defense. The earlier you confess the less cause for conviction, I seem to recall from some untroubled slumberspeech. As to “Soon” I was making (poorly – per usual) reference to a passel of newish behaviors by our betters (and bettors?) to include the eventual switch from paper to plastic not just for our groceries but also our cash – and will our sheckles be inserted chipwise like pets’ nomens and addresses just to obviate the need for petroleum-plastic?)…note the desire by thems on both sides of the fictional aisle, who want the demise of Ben Franklin and his cousin Mrs. Simpson’s boy Ulysses. And I’ll grant you a Tennesseean, too, is on the list. But fer this convicted Mulderist (maybe watched two episodes and no movies) that’s just the appetizers – didja ever stop to reflect that aps – both kinds, appetizer and application – are but a sign that soon even the boys will be saying YESSIR! to a Lady Platoon Leader of Oh-Three-Dum-Dums? This movie gets interestinger and interestinger and now I come to fear the popcorn will have to hold hands with me sans butter! Be Well ‘Ware And Hare, your holiness! But in former research vis-à-vis paper versus plastic: how will corruption or coppery (a redundancy?) thrive without paper lubrication?

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