at a greasy spoon
–too fat for booths
built in 1946




9 thoughts on “742

  1. Thinking of going American (with) Disability Act on this gross injustice…and some (most?) eating troughs still nail down the seating in those booths so we tubs (reversed almost says butts, no?) cab shoehorn-in. The injustice of it all! Thanks for picking a non-natal year, my friend. Will have to spread over the ether…j

  2. The cafe refuses to be paid on plastic, too
    I am forced to actually count out well smeared currency. Methinks Americans were in better shape before driving a block to buy milk was made mandatory and so could slip in and out said booths perhaps in jitterbug rhythms. ..

  3. Some hereabouts go all a-baffled over my insistence about walking three blocks for milk – without a stout walking stick, a water bottle, compass and map and most of all an orange vest and dayglow hat with a rotating danger light. And that’s not even mentioning the more-than-a-mile (or two or three) to go sup or sip and when I produce no plastic but a Benjy or a Grant, I get such weird looks (you don’t think it’s because I check the booth benches for slide-ability?)

  4. Bully for you! Don’t forget to wear a cover. I sincerely hope to see a regular blog column from you …say 1200 words twice a week?

  5. By all the dieties, Bruce: did you die and come back a publisher (Jo notwithstanding)? Wear a cover? Got a newly coigned desert cammey cover with the – wait for it – plucked buzzard, deflated basketball and bent rusty screw with sewn strands of thread atop it bill and below its peaked ridges. But muchly…and I just got word of a gopherus polyphemus – did you get the pics of said handimule? – relocation job tomorrow…so not KY darby for he-he (covering face from the twittering (old style daffynition) Me. Such sadness. And I had laid in a stock of suds, too. Oh, to three with it!!

  6. I am sure I am getting your pics but only when I sit down to a desktop. Which is usually once upon a week. Most of my online persona is by a rather primitive Droid. ..running a decade behind and 99 yen short

  7. And I, good spruce, still flip phone…keeps me smarter than the average billboard screen. ‘Sides, I spend two sawbucks a quarter for the privilege of not answering unless I know the arrow-slinger hisownself…And Sir Richard of Branson wants me to shell out 90 bucks for a yearlong privilege when if I do my own (with his reminders) calendar-counting I save a case of beer a year on the deal.

  8. Lessee…12hunnert?! Gonna haffta borree me summore fingers and toeses. Soons I gets caughts hup wid de transcription from de knote buk, I so shall consider just to drive your eyes to moider mah frande. Know any gud subjets?

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