found on the curb
minted same year as me
both old and lucky




3 thoughts on “740

  1. Pennies Happen! If ’twas a copper, btw, if found faceup, then thy luck is goodly assured, according to the holdwivestaile I, howsomeever hold forth that pennies picked up from cracks in sidewalks heal mothers’ broken backs as well as bestow good luck.

  2. off-subj (so what’s new?) sent some images via b.b.j gmail site (forgot the spruce-gmail…will fix ever-so-shortlyish. The gopherus polyphemus are but a mote in the gods’eye of such shots onedayrealsoonnow I mean to promise to pick and make of you aware. Manana I suspect I shall transcribe. You serendip so sweet such simply stupendous stuff, sir!

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