4 thoughts on “730

  1. What, Juice, me? Regular? Will put such assigned duties (fromyou) under advisement…Except for playing rugby regularly during the mid- and late 1970s in Miami, a few journalistic endeavors – some sports, some feature – I tried to avoid Dade Copulatory County by taking what I later found out took place also in Huston (the bypass interstate highway had numerous 90-degree corners as it snaked past the major population implosive centers of town) as I threaded my pickup or motorcycle on to Homestead and then The Keys, Islamorada my favorite. Lots to be said for Big Pine and Deer Keys. West, except for the sunsets – including the Oahu-like green flash – was muchly overrated and over done and over-pickpocketed. Once, I swear, two cutpurses got into contretempts when each found the other’s hand scouring my walettless right back pocket. Took ID, cards and leaves of greenbacks into a diaper-sized safetypin-closed front left pocket. Wore motive and office keys on leather thong over neck. And then the word thong took on a whole other meaning and I had to give up that practice for safety’s sake.

  2. Thay, Thaylor: whatchdoin’…just found pic of my dad pulling out the stump of a 40-year-old camphor tree he decided to de-forest the week he retired from Doin’ Disney. Will join the WP lineup. But first a few sideshots and then back to the office to check on the whiskey, wine, beer supply….after all, tomorrow is coming….

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