598 (for Lemony)

I grab my phone
it’s just wind chimes
from next door



11 thoughts on “598 (for Lemony)

  1. Yes, it’s a fantastic illustration of the ironic disconnects our technology produces. I was just slipping into my previous worries about my missing phone, and then things took off from there. 🙂

  2. My seal-point Siamese Skeeter, whom I brought through feline distemper before flinging self on a jet plane for green lands much West(Pac), used to hop atop neighbor’s wrought-iron front-step rail and paw-punch the softly shining doorchime’s light. She’d hop off and scamper away like a teenager gone a-pranking. Finally neighbor lady forsook her caffeine and camped out at the door’s spyhole. She was too tickled to fume. But Skeeter-cat’s buddy yellow cur Tiger used to roll up spare pancakes and cart them off to his woodsy jungle hideout across the then still-two dirt tracks street.

  3. Bring Bug, Juice! Still searching for the once-found then “saved” RG ph and address and maybe he still has the magic bus and we all could take a ride (downhill) yet again. How ever did that collection of moving germans ever get up the Nuuanu Pali (towards Honolulu)?

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