4 thoughts on “585

  1. Much the same: had I been melanin enhanced, where would I stand (or prone, or kneeling positions, ya know)? May not agree with the answer, but the question is impeccable!

  2. The premise of the “Breaking Bad” show is impoverished chemistry teacher diagnosed with cancer becomes a major meth producer/dealer to keep his family out of debt. This touches a nerve with baby boomers. Do good intentions justify discarding one’s moral compass? Bring on the crime fantasies!

  3. watchmenot cable, so that ‘splains some. The crux, though, requires small mindchew: nope. I’s not a Jesuit! I understand, but say does killing others to save your own life (drugs to get drugs: heroin for chemo) incurs karma past my ken. I just live a good mindchew, you? I’ve ridden the road of good intent and its potholes (not a pun this time) are just as deep as the narrowly straight.J’s internal editor has had him commit so much since forever…just glad he sometimes can’t hear himself thunk. Later. Got to go put the soup on.

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