old men at Starbucks
coffee and pie 40 cents
how one waitress smiled


6 thoughts on “580

  1. I overtip for beer and often unsweetened iced tea: that and outrage tempered with Southern Charm gets a flirt AND a smile from many a waitress. But I digress: the “farmer’s” market is tired today and it’s three early for my watering hole to open, so bitter bean brew it is! Happy? I’s succumbed to Americano or some dark and stormy dishwater from somewhere else. Did the commentary and suggestion on the Marine friend pass muster?

  2. I have not talked to the person in question yet but plan to. I think you are right in keeping SecNav out of the loop. Keep it on the fellowship of grunts. A) he took the oath B) he volunteered to be put in harm’s way C) he did not do anything to rate a UD D) after all these years he still identifies with the Green Machine.
    So I will inform him that he may proudly claim the title of United States Marine as per the wisdom of two former ISO ghosts.

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