7 thoughts on “544

  1. Do you have a self-enfolding universe into which you pack all that imagery in so few words on those three lines? Discomfort disappears each time I insert the last image above, below, beside the other two lines – or do I read that simple, earthen cup co-joined with the other? Simply wonderful.

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    so simply complex…I actually hurt the first reading until I managed to superimpose the last somehow previously strident line over the previous two as each were read. Then: stunning.

  3. Now, hold on. I rather like working for my chew. Make another version: ok, but somehow this works much more, methinks, the way it is. I do not think “strident” line is the word for which I was fishing, just the one that caught my hook.

  4. OH, oh. You are right. Read revised. Gilda Radner? comes over the line: nevermind. Well-chewed, Bruce: not I gotta go repost to FB. And here I am, chicken with blackbeansnrice (with peppers and onions) tacos done. My fertilizer spread. I will trudge through the not-snow, not-cold and winter-up, my friend.

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