6 thoughts on “Fallen

  1. Ahhh…someone else has perhaps long ago heard a treefrog’s landing pads touch up against wet jalousie windows in a misting rain from the tinkle-rustling of eaves drops of spent rain on ligustrum leaves.

  2. This led me to Haiku Tree. Thanks, Bruce. We may have to resize the garrett window behind which we starve and shiver, bare knees poking through the wide-woofed weave. Gonna go keep my popcorn company as Deluvian eschews its Ante in favor of The Now.

  3. Just getting caught-up with the 40 or more reporters’ notebooks, the like number of legal pads, and the back covers and empty pages of myriad(s?) {how many hordes in a myriad?} of paperbacks upon which I scribbled notes, scraps, poetry and other outrages is keeping me from cleaning up my site and prettifying the place…thank the universe!

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