2 thoughts on “414/ tanka

  1. At first I just saw the first part. That had one meaning. Then I saw both parts and the meaning changed.. I find it funny.

  2. Since I love cats (and dogs) and you, I will straddle both ‘verses with multiple punery-wrapped cold brews from both pray-easys and should I find myself at odds I promise to venture an even-ish uprising to arightwrench an afterworld contemplating withoutyouery and that sure-to-be undammed cheshiregrin you insist is faded moisture on my unlookedupon mirror. Wonderful mirroring, maestro! (ever wonder if I were to leave typed the product of misplace fingers on the qwertyuiop and let the tranliterationry remain a mere puzzle in programmery vice erasure-retypery?)

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