8 thoughts on “401

  1. Like the Abbess said to the nearly-nun(ed) – can’t spell novitiate! – who was approached by some young pastor asking for a blow job and she asked the boss lady “what’s a blow job,” and the Abbess replied: “Two dollars, same as it town.”, I guess they clean themselves catlike, by lick and spittle and perhaps a promise.

  2. Then there was the Czech midget (dwarf approved by the vertically challenged monitors?) who doubled as a spy for both the Germans and his real masters, The English. Was caught by both parties searching for his small ass in a Bulgarian town. All was lost until he spied a still-open bank in the town’s central district. Rushing in he asked: “Have your any where you might cache a small Czech?” Sent pics of ducks, egrets and else via gmail. S’aaalright?

  3. got gifted a Sony CD Mavica and took shots of cats and such en route towndownwardsly this hay-hem, but being tupids, I thought the diminutive cd from the camera might fit in the cd/dvd slot and thus have fed the gaping maw with said disc and now will have to self-report and all the mayhem ensuing from thence.

  4. Got Sanford IT coming by to fish out the offending mini-cd…My real digital SLR still on shelf awaiting massive repair bill (or jane) and I fear the bucks are but a few off from its newer iteration. Your new cat-pics on hold for the nonce, Juice.

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