ducklings and mother
marching to the swimming pool
she shoos cats away


8 thoughts on “398

  1. Have shots of momma-n-ducklings braving the storm-tossed waves of Lake Monroe, and if suitable will shoot some to you. In the same lake’s East Boat Basin one can see momma duck parading six or seven ducklings in stately parade with Cap’n Hooks Nemisis (the aggilator, not the 10th – now ninth – planet) poking its sly snout like a German U-Boat schnorkle, following just a few meters behind. If you turn your head for but a moment, there, right there! Now five in a line. Seems said Nemisis knows not to gulp the source of his delectable and takes his hors d’oeuvre-source seriously.

  2. will get right on it Monday. Right now printing more “how-to’s” and then luncheon of pintos-n-rice in the senior center micro-nuke vice popcorn and cake the others sup. then I shall try to miss the promise (and for two days unfulfilled) deluge. The garden all weekend unless work becks with bucks. Experimenting with a theme and trying to whatever. Perhaps I should just open you access – via a mailed rather than posted – list of sites and sundry let-me-ins and let you shop for yourself. Those photos most likely now reside in my FB photo albums…and I suspect much of the “fit-in” problems I am having with raw, full-pixelage photos to crop and fit within the 1-meg rule could be obviated by swiping pre-truncated photos from The Book of Faces. Hmmmm.

  3. As soon as I figure out how. If you can make the link and tell me how…but, failing that, whyn’t I just share the albums with relevant photos to you on FB and let you anger the undergods trying to import to The Press of Words…sounds good to me but whaddeyekno?

  4. For The book of Faces: I will puruse the albums and “share”, but in the time-mean I have some cd’s and thumb drives and I know I have some ducks (mallards in riot of color, too! atop the seawall’s greensward before the boulevard that I muchly want you upon which to gawk! Later, your ‘sprucehood!

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