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  1. Life – and art – resiliences themselves, especially when Art is in The Room. My condolences, Bruce. Some like to pretend and some just tell the truth. I laugh at and through the tears. Thanks.

  2. Or, as eldest bro Glenn said when Dad passed four years or so after Mom: “Us Next.” Rarely pithy, he, but succinct. Mom said something about his IQ once and wondered why past the second grade (Argentia, Newfoundland) why he seemed to have so much trouble in school with an 157. I still have to fight the good war to get laid out under a sweet gum at the mouth of the Wekiva River not far from here to feed the bear and the rest but my sister-in-law from youngest bro Storm wants to get her hooks on a reason to visit Arlington National Cemetery and by virtue of PH, etc., I qualify. I plan to stiff her. (intended punishment)

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