stalking the city
shimmering stripes of fierce heat 
a tiger summer


9 thoughts on “388

  1. Tiger Summer! We’ll have a windchill of approx. 107 F this afternoon. About the upper end of average for this time of year. I may have to use the a/c when I get home, but a nice hunter overhead and another hunter box fan (circa 1950s from the parents) usually suffices if enough imbibables get me to set up shot outdoors under the bottlebrush and Chickasaw plum trees, also hiding under the spreading young oak (<50 years old). Ichiban and round eggplant producing and much else besides. I hose off the dirt/before entering domain:/pre-wash cycle, no?

  2. Redd Fox had a tv show in the 70s called “Sanford & Son” which incidentally used his real last name. Unfortunately it was not set in our fair city Sanford, Florida. If you had spent more time in front of the boob tube, you’d know the reference, shame, shame…

  3. Oh, I did watch – maybe four episodes – and lamented, sadly, that ol’e Redd was far more entertaining on stage (or in-record) than the tired old TeeBee show with just ONE “Louise, I’m Coming…” joke. but I did like the tort(re). We have news: apparently my “free” (Free884) blog site lets me post to the internet…but still says I have had no activity. Will try to send you some share (sadly, too, it’s about feetsball and strange doings in SandwichLand.

  4. I have no idea which part of the WordPress world jungle you are mucking around in or possibly mucking you over. It has probably changed since I started in it with many fits and false starts … I am comfortable with the few tools I use…oh. Well, enough reassurances for you…

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