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  1. Autumn in Sanford, like Spring, visits but briefly: surfing on Christmas?
    (we had a windchill of 100 yesterday: a relief from the incessant heat and humidity. But does it run off Ohioans eager to scurry to more temperate climes?

  2. Liked very much Linda Susan Hawkes’ earlier comment, Bruce. Forced me to fling off the Christmas surfing story counterpoint to the sixes of Spring and Fall: six weeks, six days, six hours and sometimes I swear six minutes of each season are all allotted around these parts on a seemingly random assignment and the sequence never follows declensionary(sp?) rules, but, then, neither do I. Besides, I just saw a few liveoak acorns about the turf and the spring-loaded leaf rake rests silently against a podocarpus long-since stripped of its dark purple-into-almost-black sweet fruit-topped berry and no longer home to territorial Jays who bitch and dive-bomb almost as much as the much more mean mockingbirds as they brood their young. Had a pair of hawks in the garden yesterday – I hope blacksnake was not on the fare.

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