gulls climb the noon air
circling up gravity’s well
wings pennants of snow


5 thoughts on “264/s

  1. You must have missed my “Just So You Know” post–I did let readers know I’d be away for a short bit. I’m “back”, though there will be a re-run of my absence in mid-Aug. It’s only a “housing issue”, but it drives me temporarily into “hanging myself over the balcony railing” mode….

  2. I think Christianity frowns or at least crosses its eyes at self-slaughter… So no eating .38s or hanging around a balcony by the neck… There have been a few who survived jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge and they all report a sudden change of heart whilst plummeting into space…

  3. Unfortunately my past is “checkered” by a number of attempts–the feeling still comes sometimes, but I think my Faith is strong enough now that I wouldn’t act on them. I hope so, anyway–it’s an awful place to be, even briefly.

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