9 thoughts on “260

  1. Is that time or year? 1900? Ain’t that 7 p.m.? When I stalk Jeopardy answers with glib smugness. Perhaps I deflect: I, too, know the dross of over-applied heart-guard.

  2. Altogether too optimistic: No flame? A licensed and fully practicing curmudgeon and still savoring seared hands and heart, and yet I know I am so easily succumbed to a lash at just the right level on the mast or … hell, Bruce, you know vulnerable perhaps even better than I. But, still I liked the sentiment, just not the conclusion. But makes it no less valid – at the time it was scrit!

  3. Hi, J… These days I get lightly toasted rather than flame broiled and live to tell the tale. Vulnerable, oh, yes, don’t see how vulnerability and creativity can be separated. Perhaps I wrote these lines while sipping on the wine of sour grapes mixed with rancid self pity.

  4. I might be off but you can usually save your butt in copyright matters if your source died before 1940. 75 years is the defining number.

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