240 rewrite

a bank takes away
an elderly poet’s home 
fights back with limericks


16 thoughts on “240 rewrite

  1. I took the liberty of rewriting the last line, make it more whimsical… Rewriting is a compulsion of mine… By the way, I like the vocabulary excersises you do with using specific words ….I plan to do some… Too many times we don’t write because we can’t think of words… These excercises preempts that…

  2. OH! LOOK AT YOU!!!!! That’s a fabulous re-write, though I liked it fine before. Yes, the wordles are great exercises for me–really stretch my creativity, as well as vocab. And I’m tellin’ ya, they are surprisingly EASY!! Go for it–and you could even come up with your own list and prompt US–I’d do yours!!

  3. 3haiku

    banjo and fiddles
    summer evening backyard blast
    crickets dance back-up

    our sanctuary
    our tower of words, a breath
    on embers of art

    skies sparkle with flame
    brother would’ve known the shells
    no slack in fire

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