5 thoughts on “226

  1. Well, I’m also honest to a fault, perhaps. And among the few gifts God has bestowed on me, He’s asked that I be an Encourager for Him–so I do my best. I thought of you earlier today, as your picture kinda-sorta reminds me of a neighbor–and his granddaughter was visiting, playing in a small wading pool, as it is HOT outside (and none too cool in my apt–81 degrees, fans at wind-tunnel speed, so I can hardly hear myself think!)–windows open too, though I don’t know what the architects were thinking: windows aren’t placed for “cross-breeze” help…..sheesh!

  2. We write in different styles and that’s the beauty of poetry, there’s an approach for everyone… Sounds really hot there! I trust you are drinking 8 glasses of water a day, stay hydrated… Well, God did a good job making you a giver of courage… Keep writing

  3. It’s now 85 degrees inside, almost too hot to write…. Nope, I only drink 2 glasses of water, then hit the diet Pepsi. I probably better increase the water, as I just checked the weather page and it says we’ll be near 100 next week–I am SO NOT thrilled about this…must dig out my hot summer poems to post in case I swoon and melt away…And I think I’ll be wearing my blue ice packs around my neck soon.

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