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  1. thanks for the note. I have five rain buckets which must go unused on the garden as they host tadpoles and I do want to see which kind. Toads have been scarce of late though I have overturned clay dishes formerly used for pots with entry holes appropriate for all sorts of creatures often holding my favorite amphib, but we have seen a gradual decline in the monster Cuban frogs that came with the Muriel Boat Lift one presumes. A bullfrong that used to live in the storm sewer was massive and I never told anyone about him in my youth as I figured it’d take half of Sanford to eat his back legs. He guarded the entryway to the swamp that now houses a barbershop and a dentist and more asphalt than I care to think sends water to Lake Monroe. Saw my first bobcat there (within yards of what now is a four-lane US 17-92 on a full moon past-midnight sneak-out to lay atop by palmetto frond woven platform on a Sabal Palmetto that, sadly, is third stool from the left at Otto’s barber shop.

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